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OKR 2: Allow for customization and individuality

As we set to define our objectives, we knew our second objective would be important for adoption bec…

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OKR 1: Create a foundational, deeply-rooted pattern library

As we talked about in the previous post, Measuring What We Do, the only way to know you have accompl…

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Measuring What We Do

If you want to accomplish something, you have to set a goal, and today I'd like to talk about initia…

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Adventist Living Pattern System

As we approached the kickoff of this project, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what we call…

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Who We Are Building For

In the early discussions of this project with Superfriendly, Dan Mall encouraged that we start this…

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It’s Happening

Nearly three years ago, the Adventist Design Framework, and, was launched. While it wa…

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