Digital Asset Management: Survey Report and Next Steps

Digital Asset Management May 31, 2018

About six weeks ago, I initially wrote about photo management in a post titled “Digital Asset Management for the Adventist Church”. In it, I shared how the General Conference is looking for a digital asset management system to manage photos for the world church. We also shared a survey to help guide the selection process.

In this post, I will share the results of the survey and let you know our next steps.

Survey Summary and Results

The survey was 71 questions dealing with the following categories:

  • Metadata Management
  • User Access Control & Security
  • Asset Management
  • Search
  • API, Extensibility & Interoperability
  • User Interfaces
  • Smart Tagging System
  • Hosting Options
  • Platforms
  • Administration
  • Other Features

Over the course of the past 4+ weeks, we have gotten 41 respondents to the survey. In addition, it has triggered numerous conversations with people around the globe. What it has enforced for us is that there is lots of interest and plenty of opinions!

If you would like to read the full results of the survey, we have made them available in the interactive Google Forms interface.


Using the list of features developed over multiple meetings with input from many people, we were able to create a matrix of features to measure the software packages against. After we got the results of the survey above, we were able to get an average level of importance for features, and then apply those figures against our product matrix to see if it had the feature(1 point), was in progress (0 points) or didn’t (-1 point). These were then added summed product giving us a weighted score for each product.

The Top Products

When we applied the above ranking, three of the 8 projects that we have been evaluating rose from the rest. Those three are:

All three ranked well above the competition, with the first two, FotoWeb and ResourceSpace coming in almost equal.

What’s Next?

Now that we have heard back from the survey, the next step is preparing for the demos. To keep things as equal as possible, we will be developing a demo “script” that will be used by the companies demoing for us. Clearly, we won’t be telling them what to say, but we will be asking them to cover a list of things that we will identify as common tasks. We want to make sure that the software packages meet and can be compared well.

To aid with that process, we will be asking, hopefully starting the week of June 4, for feedback developing a list of user stories. These are common tasks that users of the system (photographers, journalists, librarians, archivists, managers, etc) would be performing. This will help us evaluate all three products on a level playing field.

Our original schedule stated that we would be scheduling demos during the month of June. Unfortunately, our work schedules will have to delay that by a little bit.  So for now, we plan to schedule the demos for early July.


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