WordPress in Other Languages


As we began developing the Adventist Living Pattern System, one of our underlying core values was that the work we did would work in other languages. Our church is a global church and the needs of our church, around the world, reflect that. While we have made great progress, we still have room to grow.

When it comes to ALPS for WordPress, we have made an effort to ensure that we have support for other languages. But since the theme was released, I have been talking with communicators around the world about their needs for websites. I’ve come to realize that while our theme supports other languages, it doesn’t do a good job supporting multiple languages at one time.

Out of the box, WordPress allows you to customize the site to one of many languages. But the challenge is what about sites that need 2 or more languages? Out of the box, it doesn’t support this, but relies on third-party plugins to make it work.

While many of the core features of ALPS for WordPress support other languages, we can not currently say we support multiple languages well. But we want to fix that.

In the comments below, let us know: If you run a multi-lingual WordPress site, what plugin(s) do you use for it? 

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