ALPS 2.0.5: Now Running Pattern Lab 2


ALPS, the core system behind the Adventist Living Pattern Library, has changed. Yes I know the point of what we do is for it to change and evolve, but this change might be a little more noticeable.

When we started work on what would become ALPS, we were using a new tool called Pattern Lab to build out the pattern library in a way that was easy to navigate, maintain, and document what we are doing. We have continued using it, but Pattern Lab has continued to develop. In addition to keeping up with the latest changes, an additional reason that we updated to PatternLab 2 is coming in the next few weeks. The patterns currently using the mustache syntax, but will be updated to us TWIG. Twig is a language is becoming popular in many content management system, and moving our patterns to it, will allow us to more closely link CMS’s with ALPS.

So next time you visit ALPS, you will see a new interface. Hit the gear in the upper right to find the HTML for each pattern and search all available patterns. You can use the controls beside the gear to resize the window, either with one of the presets, or by entering an exact dimensions.

ALPS in Pattern Lab 2

ALPS is now running Pattern Lab 2.


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