This blog is just a part our efforts to reach out to our community.
This blog is just a part our efforts to reach out to our community.

OKR 3: Involve the community

ALPS May 4, 2016
This blog is just a part our efforts to reach out to our community.
This blog is just a part our efforts to reach out to our community.

As we build and develop ALPS, our final measured objective is related to community:

 Involve the community in the creation and adoption of the pattern library.

Throughout the course of the interviews and research that at we did with potential users of this system, the message we heard over and over was: “We didn’t know it was being developed before, and no one asked us for feedback.” It was clear that our community was not only interested in the process, but wanted to feel some ownership.

We have heard you clearly. When we reviewed the key findings at the kickoff meeting from the research Superfriendly conducted, we were given 7 possible objectives to focus on. We then voted which ones and the top three where chosen. After the the first 2 rounds of voting, the objective on customization, and this one were tied.

One of the aspects that came out of this is this blog. While we are doing many things to actively reach out to communicators and developers around the world, we are also committed to being open about what is happening.

As we continue to build out the ALPS system, we want you involved. We are asking for your feedback, for your suggestions, and for your partnership as we build a system that can be used by organizations and churches across the Seventh-day Adventist family.

So how will we measure this?

Key Results

  1. 18 unions (30%) register in a feedback program.
  2. 3 ideas originating from the community not included in the initial delivery of the design system have been adopted.
  3. Design system adopted by 3 customers that weren’t part of the initial interviews or any feedback program.


  • | May 4, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Hi guys. I work for a small conference and one of my many responsibilities is to manage our conference website – also trying to create a national website. I forget the name of the profile you created for such a person in one of your blogs, but I did resonate with it. While I may not comment very much on what you are doing as far as design goes, please know that it is appreciated and I know at some point I’ll make use of your creations. Collaboration is something that our corporate church needs to do more of. Thanks so much!

  • | May 7, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    Thanks for your interest and comments, Melissa. We realize that not everyone can commit code, but having your commitment and support in your role is important, too! Keep following along and letting us know how we can help!

  • | July 4, 2016 at 8:47 am

    Hi Brent. Have to say I’m a little curious about the system.
    I see from your FB page you are our fearless web manager/leader 🙂
    Is this a replacement for NetAdventist that the church is moving towards?
    I’ve been pretty passionate about Web Ministry since the NA system came to Australia back in 2008 or so but it’s become painfully obvious that support/interest has fallen into a black hole somewhere.& it’s happened from the top down. Something I really hope that gets some serious attention is communication. There’s been an official NetAdventist group on Facebook forever which I joined at the end of 2013 (it hadn’t been touched in over 3 years) and got little attention from anyone else since I started posting & none since I stopped in Feb this year. I’ve talked with others in leadership positions over the years and noone seems to know anything that is going on.
    Have you taken over from John Beckett?
    If ALPS is the new flagship for web ministry in the church would be good to see maybe a dedicated FB page or even just an official FB page for the web ministry of the church. I have my own website & FB page… had my own web ministry forum but I closed it down as I was the only one posting & it received no church support.
    Looking forward to seeing what direction you take the church in your role.

    • | July 5, 2016 at 10:42 am

      Thanks for your comments and interest, Robbie. Nice to “meet” you. I have not taken over from John Beckett, but fill a different roll in the Communication department at the General Conference.

      The Adventist Living Pattern System is not a replacement for NetAdventist but is the next version of the Adventist Design Framework ( ALPS is designed to provide a common visual framework that Adventist Churches and institutions can use to provide continuity of their work online. It is CMS agnostic, so it can be used with NetAdventist (An official theme is coming), WordPress (Update to the current theme is in the works), Drupal, etc.

      We recently started a Slack channel for Adventist communicators and technologists that can be found at We’d love to have you join.

      • | July 5, 2016 at 7:15 pm

        Cheers Brent. Looks good & thanks for the invite. I’m online there now.
        I don’t know much about the bones of these systems… well nothing actually but I’ll be interested to see the results.